Edinburgh (Scotland): A city that combines the image of London and Cambridge

One of the most popular cities in the United Kingdom and becomes a must visit city on tourist’s list



Calton Hill

Before coming to the United Kingdom, as an Asian girl, the most common cities that have been heard of were London, Manchester, and Edinburgh. However, unlike the previous two cities, Edinburgh is the city I got highly recommended many times as it will give a different impression of a United Kingdom city from London and Manchester.

This recommendation made me put it on the top of the travel list to visit instantly once I have time. When I finally know there is a chance to travel to Edinburgh, I look forward to this trip and find out why this city can earn that acclamation from people there before.

Once I stepped out of the train station, I instantly noticed why this city left such a fantastic feeling for visitors. But, of course, the first reaction that came to my mind was, ‘Am I in the United Kingdom?’.

Scotland’s capital city, unlike London or Manchester, emphasizes constructing a modern financial centre for people. The urban planning of Edinburgh has shown both the historical and contemporary image to tell its story to people who first visit this city.

Old Town

The city is mainly divided into the Old Town and The New Town. The Old Town reflects historical elements with the Victorian style of architecture. At the same time, the New Town is full of modern-era buildings, shopping malls, and the city’s central business center.

When watching the YouTube video, the most common thing mentioned is the connection with Harry Potter. It is the birthplace of Harry Potter, where JK Rowling got inspiration and wrote the first series book. People will quickly find themselves situated as part of the story.

Initially, I needed to understand how a city in the modern era could provide the atmosphere that appeared in fantasy fiction. However, when walking along the notoriously Royal Mile, I could understand why people would see themselves…




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